Posted by: Niko | December 12, 2006

E70 firmware upgrade

At last I had the dare to upgrade my Nokia E70’s firmware with Nokia Software Updater. Nothing special, happy ending. The new version is numbered 2.0618.07.10.

New firmware seems to be more stable and especially the internet browser doesn’t crash and complain all the time about the unsufficient memory. I also installed the new Opera mini  3.0 and the F-secure’s Mobile Security which contains anti-virus and firewall. And I also got some new ring tones 😉



  1. Krash. My N73 stopped whining about unsufficient memory after firmware upgrade, camera works better and i can even zoom in gallery!

    but, buttons stopped working in my rick dangerous s60 😦

  2. Seem like they don’t mind about Rick! My ScummVM based games are still working =)

  3. I took my words back about the memory: Phone’s own browser still sometimes crashes whole system. I’ve switched to Opera now and I can tell you it’s stable and fast.

  4. shit firmware, blackberry doesn’t work anymore with this f**

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