Posted by: Niko | September 15, 2006

Nokia E70 Codes

Some useful code for Nokia E70 (should be also working with other Nokia S60 phones). Use at your own risk.

Display bluetooth address:
*#2820# (*#bta0)

Display WLAN adapter’s MAC-address:
*#62209526# (*#mac0wlan#)

Display IMEI-code:

Display firmware version:

Display life timer:
*#92702689# (*#war0anty#)

Software reset (Restores factory defaults. Preserves user data):
*#7780# (*#rst0*)

Phone reset (Reformats completely the C:-drive. All user data will be lost!):
*#7370# (*#res0*)



  1. For the software reset, a phone code is requested. Any idea ?

    Thks in advance. Michel

  2. If you (or anyone else) haven’t changed the default security code it is 12345

  3. like your site do u know if there is a new firmware for the e70?

  4. I still have the version 1.0610.06.07 30-05-06 RM-10 but there is already at least version 2.0618.07.10 available.

    Nokia has a tool called Nokia Software Updater for upgrading the firmware by yourself but at the moment it looks like the version 2 is only available for certain hardware versions of the E70. I’ve heard that some people have already managed to upgrade their E70s. For me the tool still say “no update for your phone”.

    For a short period there was a bad upgrade available for E70 via NSU and it made the phone completely dead. It was quickly pulled of by Nokia but some early birds have to send their phones to the service.

    It’s possible to get your phone upgraded into version 2 at the Nokia’s service but I’m still waiting the upgrade be available with the NSU tool.

    The new firmware version solves some of the stability issues as well as speeds up the menu navigation.

  5. Did any one have problems with the joystick key on the e70? When I turn on the phone the joystick only work dawn and left, if I turn off and on a couple off times the joystick work perfect.

  6. Is there a way to unlock a Nokia e70?

    Please let me know

  7. What do u mean by unlock a nokia e 70 they come unlocked for gsm network. at least where i am

  8. @coyote
    My E70 joystick was also intermittent.
    Had to send it to my local Nokia care twice before they fixed it.

  9. dear All
    A strange happened to me. I have been using the E70 for almost years and using the 12345 security code to unlock the phone. Yesterday, the battery ran flat and after recahrging the phone I switched it on but now it does not acept the 12345, it gives a code error. I can also see that the time setting is wrong as well as the date. How on earth does this happen and how does one access the phone?

  10. I had the same problem, i thougth my phone was about to die, starting from there, i said to my self, “my phone is allready f*ckedup, so nothing can be worse than that:
    I pull out all the covers and I cleaned all the dust using the duster spray, after that, i used a toothbrush and alcohol, and i brush every part. I remove all the left alchool. I turned it on. and sorprice. i works.
    Also i press *, 3, call button, and coooool

    good luck

  11. I do not agree …

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